Executive Search Consulting & Recruiting

Dedicated to Printers and Print Professionals

executive recruiters for print and printers

Watson Recruiting Services has continuously attempted to distinguish itself as an industry leader in the placement of top performing personnel within the printing, graphic arts and premedia industries. Our successes have been achieved in great part due to our ongoing commitment to developing an extensive understanding of the goals, culture, and strengths of our clients, and those of the candidates whom we recruit on their behalf.

We believe that a thorough, systematic recruiting approach has enabled us to provide a much higher probability of success in the hiring process.

Executive search consulting & recruiting  --  
dedicated to printers and print /premedia professionals

Watson Recruiting Services Advantages:

There are several significant facts that distinguish Watson Recruiting Services from other executive search firms --

  • Specializing solely in the graphic arts and premedia industry; consequently, we know the industry and the key players at all levels. Our vast network of contacts allows us to reach those happy and successful candidates who are not actively seeking a new position - the candidates that everyone wants.
  • We are an employer-paid recruiting firm.
  • We believe that any placement has to be the right fit for both the company and the candidate to be a success, and this can only be accomplished if we focus on relationships with both parties, rather than transactions. Highest ethics and a solid understanding of the objectives of all parties involved in a search further ensures a successful placement.
  • Extensive recruitment training provided by multiple nationally recognized sources, including Michael Guberman, whose renowned firm served the recruiting needs of the printing industry for 38 years, until Michael's retirement in 2006; Bill Cebak of Anthony R. Byrne Productions; and AIRS Human Capital Solutions.
  • We routinely recruit for highly respected companies in the graphic arts industry. (References available upon request.)
  •  Our success in this industry has been based on confidentiality and trust, exhibited to both companies and candidates; and of course - on consistently delivering top quality people.
  • We are effective at introducing candidates to meaningful new opportunities; dealing with positive career moves, not just job changes.